Climate and Energy Education

Climate change, energy policy, and their unequal impacts on vulnerable communities are pressing issues that require policy action now. How do we build support for the actions that are needed to address climate change? And how do we ensure that support is sustained into the future? Education is needed and the Ecology Center has resources to offer. 

Climate Change Planning and Adaptation - (5th grade)

A set of 7 lessons traces the link among climate change, extreme weather, and health hazards. Students work in teams to layout community features using cutouts on a topographical map, and make evidence-based predictions about the impact of extreme weather events on their community, comparing and contrasting with other teams to see how landscape features and different planning strategies yield different outcomes. Students propose climate adaptation solutions and work with other teams to look at the issues at a larger landscape level.

Energy ReWork Michigan Curriculum and Lab Kit (Middle/High)

How can your school support a healthier and more sustainable energy system?

The Energy ReWork Curriculum invites students to explore Michigan’s current energy system and its challenges. Individual lessons can be used to supplement other instruction or together as a project based-approach, where students design a practical action plan for their school. The curriculum includes focus on the scientific, engineering, environmental, social, and economic dimensions of energy. Students are introduced to the ideas, information, and tools that professionals use to make decisions about energy efficiency and engineer system improvements. Includes e-documents and presentations, as well as a classroom kit of specialized equipment to conduct classroom energy audit and experiment with renewable technologies.

Engineering Safe Systems (High School)

What does it mean to engineer safe systems in a rapidly warming world? Students are introduced to the work of environmental engineers and use evidence from climate research to propose solutions that protect environmental and human health.

Incandescent Truth - EcoBit Activity (High School)

EcoBit activities are mini-lessons that give students an age-appropriate introduction to published research with a focus on environmental justice.  Each activity is self-contained and can be completed independently by a student or small group. The activity provides practice with skills such as research methodology, data analysis, graphing, and reasoning, while asking students to think deeply about the relationship between social inequities and environmental and human health.